Nine Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage: Because a Great Relationship Doesn’t Happen by Accident

I’ve never really been a fan of reading books about marriage until recently. I have been planning a marriage retreat for our Church, and I’ve been looking for books to give as prizes to the couples that will be attending. While I was browsing, I came across a book, “9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage“, that caught my eye. I was reading the description…and realized that I wanted to read this one myself. It’s geared to a wife, so it’s not something I’ll be using the marriage retreat, but I have enjoyed reading it myself.

The book starts out with the author, Shelia Wray Gregoire, telling us what they (Shelia and her husband) think. The rest of the book is broken down into 9 different thoughts:
  • My Husband Is My Neighbor
  • My Husband Can’t Make Me Mad
  • My Husband Was Not Put on This Earth to Make Me Happy
  • I Can’t Mold My Husband into My Image
  • I’m Not in Competition with My Husband
  • I’m Called to Be a Peacemaker, Not a Peacekeeper
  • Being One Is More Important Than Being Right
  • Having Sex Is Not The Same as Making Love
  • If I’m Not Careful, We’ll Drift Apart
I read one thought a night. I love how the book is broken down into “thoughts”, but then each thought is broken down into different sections. She shares things about her life along with what other couples went though. Each thought has “action steps”. It gives you tips of how you can use that thought. At the end of each chapter you will find a summary of all the “action steps” for that chapter.

While reading one night I had to stop and share something with everyone on Facebook. Here is the image that I shared.
It really makes you stop and think. This is one of the main reasons that I loved reading this book. Each chapter gave me something to ponder about.

I would recommend that all women read this book. It will get your thinking about your marriage and how you can change some things. “9 Thoughts Than Can Change Your Marriage” is now available for pre-order. It will release on August 18, 2015.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.


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