Devotions Off the Map: A 52-Week Devotional Journey

I love reading devotionals. I love reading devotionals with the kids. We have several different ones. They really get you thinking and I love that. Devotions Off The Map is a 52-week devotional journey….one devotion for each week. It’s perfect for kids ages 6-10, but could easily work for kids a bit older.

There is a page at the beginning of the book for you to write the child’s name. There is a part that explains each section of the devotion to the partents.  Each devotion has 6 sections:

  • The Overlook–a brief description that lets you and your child know what will be discussed
  • This Is The Way–a key Bible verse plus additional scripture references
  • Lessons From The Tangled Treehouse–easy to read devotion
  • Shady Grove Prayer–a simple but effective prayer
  • Field Study–four discussion questions, these are not “yes” or “no” questions. they will get your child thinking
  • Walking To Boulder Bridge–helps your child apply what they learned
When I first received the book, I just opened it up to a random page and it just happened to be something that our son needed to read. It was talking about friends. When we moved from Louisiana to Florida he lost some friends. He still talks about it and gets sad when he thinks about the friends that he no longer has contact with. In that particular devotion, they talked about how Jesus is our best friend. I really think this is something that he really needed to read.


Next year our VBS theme is “Off The Map”, so I’m gonna mention this devotional to the coordinator. I think this would be a great prize to give out next year. It goes perfectly with that theme!


The Devotions Off the Map: A 52-Week Devotional Journey is a great devotional to give to a child as a gift. They can read the devotions by themselves or it can be done as a family!

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for this review.


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