Paper Goods Projects: Coffee Filter Flowers, Doily Butterflies, Cupcake Paper Cards, and 57 More Crafts Made with Supermarket Finds

9780804186957I love crafting…especially with paper! I love scrapbooking, card making and anything else that I can use paper for. I love having a Silhouette Cameo. I craft with paper all of the time.

When I saw this book up for review, I knew it was something that I’d love to have. My son and I had a good time looking through the book and finding all kinds of ideas of things would make just by using stuff that we already have around the house. If it’s something that we do not have….they are really inexpensive, so we can pick them up for the store anytime! Most of the crafts that we found in this book use paper plates, toilet paper or paper towel tubes, coffee filters, cereal boxes and cupcake wrappers<< these are all things that we always have around our house.

One of the crafts that really stuck out to us are the “Giant Box Blocks”. I get so many packages that we can do this any day of the week. All you need are boxes in different sizes, hot glue, paint, paintbrushes and newspaper.  This would so much fun.

I love that templates were included in the back of the book. They will come in very handy for some of the crafts. You can use them again and again.

Before sure to check here for more information about the book and to learn more about the author check here. Want to purchase a copy? You can find it on Amazon!

Disclaimer: I received these books from the publisher in exchange for my review.


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