Get a Salon-Quality Manicure At-home with imPRESS Manicure

nailsI remember how fun it was to go and get my nails done at the salon. It was something that I’d go and do for myself. The result….nicely done nails $40 later. I haven’t gone to a salon to do my nails in years. Priorities change. I can’t see myself spending $40 on a set of nails when I have perfectly nice natural ones. I happen to really love my natural nails and they grow pretty quickly. I’m not a huge fan of having color on my fingernails (toenails are a different story 🙂 ), but once in a while I do like to dress them up a bit. One reason that I do not like to have nail polish on my nails is that I tend to peel it off, or they just start peeling off when I’m doing the dishes.

Although, my nails do grow fairly quickly, I cut them down short every few weeks. They start cracking and/or breaking when they reach a certain point and the nails on my right hand are always the first to go. imPRESS fromKiss is the perfect route for me to take. I can have long nails with color and not damage my natural nails. The best part… don’t need any glue to attach them!


Now I can get a salon look for just $7.99. These are super simple to apply and everything you need is included in the box (directions, nails, prepping pad and file). You get plenty of nails in the box….this makes it easy to choose the correct size for each nail. The manicure I applied (Bells & Whistles) came with 30 gel nails + 6 accent nails. Before you begin you will want to wash your hands with soap and water. Next, you cleanse your nails withe prepping pad. Now you are ready to apply the nails. Each nail has a backing on it. You peel the backing and press on the nails. There is no mess and no drying time. They are safe on your natural nails (YAY!). The nails have a mega gel shine and the UltraHold technology keeps the nails on.alldone

These nails were super easy to apply and they do not take a lot of time to apply. It took me maybe 10-15 minutes from start to finish.
Removing them is just as easy. There are instructions included in the on how to remove them. If youare a busy mom or if you are just on a tight budget these are the route to take.

Oh!! Did I mention that they are waterproof? They won’t fall off when you are doing the dishes or taking a shower!

You can find these manicure sets at Walgreens for just $7.99. That’s an awesome deal. You can always find out more information here:

Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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