Beautiful Hand Painted Wine Glasses

setFirst off, I’d like to say that we do not drink wine. I have no idea what to look for in a while glass. The only time, I ever bought any type of wine glass was for our wedding. I had purchased a nice plain set from Wal-Mart and made charms for each of them. We didn’t drink wine from them….we used sparkling grape juice!

When I had the opportunity to review this beautiful set of hand painted wine glasses, I signed up right away. I knew that I would never use them myself, but they were just too beautiful to pass up. The design on them is what grabbed my attention. The images were amazing that I had seen in the listing. I wanted to see them in person. When they arrived, I was amazed. No photo actually does them justice. You have to see this set with your own eyes.  Each glass is a work of art. They are unique. The designs on each glass are not identical. These glasses are mouth-blown and are designed in Paris!


This set of beautiful hand painted wine glasses are going to make a wonderful wedding or anniversary gift for someone.  The glasses are HUGE. They have a tall, narrow stem which makes it comfortable to hold in your hand. I honestly think that no one would be dissatisfied with this set of wine glasses and if by chance you are, Valentina Paris will replace the product or give you a full refund on them.

If you are looking for a new set of wine glasses or maybe a gift for a wedding or anniversary, I highly recommend these hand painted wine glasses from Valentina Paris. You won’t be disappointed.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free or at a discounted price for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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