Diaper Cakes Make The Perfect Centerpieces At Baby Showers

webHave you ever made a diaper cake before? They are so much fun to make. This is the 5th one that I have made over the years.

I’m on the fellowship committee at church and we decided to through a baby shower for a member (and friend). I knew she was having a girl…so I couldn’t wait to get started with her diaper cake.

This diaper cake looks nothing like what I had originally decided to do. Normally, I attach travel sized baby products to the outside of the cake, or I hide them between diapers. I was browsing pinterest one day and saw a diaper cake made with a jumbo baby bottle poking out of the top. I wanted to do something similar. I searched for one of those jumbo bottles online, but it wasn’t going to arrive to me in time, so I decided to scratch the idea. After Church last Sunday night, we stopped by Fred’s to pick up some bread and rubber bands and decided to go and look at the baby section (very small selection), but I found on of those jumbo baby bottles filled with goodies! The jumbo baby bottle bank was filled with a 9 oz. bottle, 5 oz. bottle, bib, bottle brush and a snack container with lid. It was perfect for my diaper cake.

This diaper cake contains 101 size 1 diapers, and a jumbo baby bottle filled with goodies. It is decorated with beautiful ribbon and flowers! I even added some “It’s A Girl” ribbon to the jumbo bottle.


I didn’t stop with just the diaper cake. I had some diapers left and I made 4 mini cakes! They look pretty awesome if you ask me. These mini cakes will be used as centerpieces!


I am so excited about this diaper cake. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to make another one!



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