Acacia Wood Serveware | 6″ Plates

candyI am so pleased with these 6″ Acacia Wood Serveware Plates! I was amazed at the quality of them when I took them out of the box. Each plate has its own unique design and adds so much elegance to any table.

Each plate is durable and if taken care of properly they will last for years. They resist water and will not absorb any stains or odors. How do you wash them? They suggest that you hand wash them with warm soapy water and let them air dry. You can also treat them with a non-toxic mineral oil.

About The Product:

Richly grained acacia wood turns out in smooth, sculptural serving essentials, naturally suited to everyday use, entertaining or artful display. Each piece is given a clear lacquer finish to bring out the wood’s warm color and individual markings. Workmanship from well-managed forests in Thailand. Nice & Nature Wood Plate – Round – Acacia. This charming Wood plate is perfect for everyday use and entertaining for that perfect party. Each piece has been workmanship from laminated piece of hardwood making each item unique in shape, color and the highest quality available. Acacia wood also known as Acacia is an environmentally friendly hardwood that is grown all over the world and known for its beautiful grain and contrasting walnut brown to light tan colors. Nice & Nature product is the locally made product of each Thai Tambon (sub-district). It consisted of OTOP (One Tambon one Product). The reason that we would like to promote our brand because to support local people have job to do and can work at home as a homemade. It’s like a family business so that they can work and then stay with their family.We encourage village communities to improve the local products’ quality and to join e-commerce project. Nice & Nature has been a leading importer of responsibly produced and environmentally friendly Acacia wood, a wide collection of casual entertaining items and our popular Acacia. Our products are exclusively from Thai Tumbon. Our varied collection of items made from Acacia wood, are perfect for any indoor outdoors party or just for your own dining pleasure. Whether you’re looking for a gift to give or a gift for yourself; whether you’re looking for something for special occasions or every day use, our product is an exceptional choice- the exquisite craftsmanship, nice color and natural design will make a special occasion out of any occasion. Our product also means “easy care”.

I am so excited to have these little plates in our home. Right now, I’m using them as candy dishes. They seem to be perfect to hold our autumn foil colored Kisses! I’m also considering using them at our upcoming Marriage Retreat. We’ll have 4 tables and I can use them to hold candies on each table! They will be perfect.

I can’t wait to order more from this collection. You can find these Acacia Wood Serveware 6″ Plates on Amazon along with some of the other products.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free or at a discounted price for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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