Faith Builders Bible, NIrV

_240_360_Book.1705.coverDo you have or know a child that loves building with Legos? Well….if you do this is a great Bible to gift to them. Christmas is just around the corner and Bibles are the perfect gift. The “Faith Builders Bible” is written in the New International Reader’s version, it’s a hard back bible and the font size is 9-point (a little small for me, but perfect for those with awesome eyes). There is a table of contents, dictionary and a list of “Great Bible Stories”. I love it!

The “Faith Builders Bible” has a “really awesome cover” (as stated by my 9-year old son). He loves the colors and the cool Lego design. He loves that they made scenes from the Bible using Legos to show on the cover.

What makes a Bible the perfect gift? The presentation page! I love when Bibles have a presentation page. A presentation page is a page when you can write in information to present the Bible to someone. This Bible has a spot for:

  • To: (the name of the person you are gifting the Bible to goes here)
  • By: (the name of the person who is giving the Bible goes here)
  • On: (the date that the Bible was given goes here)

One of my favorite parts of this Bible is at the beginning….”Building With Books Of The Bible”. It gives a really cool idea on how to learn the books of the bible in order.  There is also a page toward the beginning that is called, “Can You Build…” and it has 3 small things that are built with Legos (cross, fish, sheep), and there is a reference verse about that particular thing.

Throughout the Bible you will find 24-full color pages of photos (using Legos). Each of these pages has a Lego image, devotional, and “Building Block Verse”.  They give you ideas of things from the Bible that you could build yourself.

I would highly recommend this Bible to anyone who loves Legos!! You can pick up a copy from Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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