Decorative Charger Plates

20151116_142831Last week, my son came home from chorus practice with a CD of the Christmas songs that they will be singing for their Christmas concert next month. He’s been listening to that CD non-stop (it’s not the traditional Christmas songs)….and it’s really making me want to search for Christmas movies. I’m trying my best not to watch any until after Thanksgiving but it is hard. Instead….I’ve been making Christmas crafts.

20151117_074900I finished up the etched glass gifts that I’ve giving this year for Christmas, but since I can’t show those off yet, I’ll show off my charger plates. I love how they both came out. They are for decorative purposes only and they will be the perfect touch when decorating for Christmas.

Originally, I was only going to make one of them. I was browsing Pinterest and saw another that I liked and well….I just had to do it. My son helped me out with the second one. “Fa-la-la-la-la-la” is a little off centered, but I think it came out pretty good for a 9-year old helping. These were super easy to make and only cost me $1 for each plate. I found the charger plates at the Dollar Tree and I already had the vinyl. I’m hoping to check out a different Dollar Tree soon, to see if they have any red, green or silver plates. The one we went to only had gold. I forgot to grab some stands to display my plates, so I will be sure to grab some before we start decorating.

Have you started on any Christmas crafts? What are you making? What are you planning to make?


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