Let’s Make A Candy Jar!

IMG_20151130_203901Earlier this week, I went to Michael’s while my husband and son went to Game Stop. I told them not to rush me and let me browse. I left the store with 4 photo Christmas boxes to use to as gift boxes, tissue paper, a clear ornament, and some stuff to create a candy jar (pictured to the left). I could have easily bought a lot more with all of the great sales they always have, but I limited myself to a $20 budget for the one trip….I went over by $4, but I’ll blame that on the tissue paper that I really didn’t need. I bought it because it was on sale.

After years of browsing Pinterest and seeing these candy jars, I have finally decided to make one for myself. I made mine for Christmas and I can’t wait to make more for other holiday or to give as gifts. They can easily be personalized!



Here’s what I used for this project:

  • 4″ Clay Pot – $1.79
  • 4″ Clay Saucer – $0.79
  • 3.5″ Rose Bowl – $1.29
  • 1″-1.5″ Wood Doll Heads – $2.09 (was $4.19 before my 50% off coupon)
  • Ribbon – $0.89 per roll after the 70% off sale
  • Paint – had in my craft closet
  • Paint Brushes – had in my craft closet
  • E6000 Industrial Craft Adhesive – had in my craft closet
  • Mod Podge – had in my craft closet

Once you have everything need, it’s time to get painting. I decided to paint the pot and saucer green, and the doll head was painted red. After the paint was dried, I added my ribbon to where I wanted it. Then it was time to glue everything together. The doll head goes on top of the saucer (to use has a handle). The glass rose bowl goes on the pot. You can see my photos below to see where to glue what. I love how it turned out.

DSC04187 DSC04189

You can make these in any size…as long as you can find sizes that look good together. I was able to fit about a bag and half of kisses into mine.


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