Floriography Collection from Wendell August

PhotoGrid_1449765927321I was so excited to when I was able to place my order from Wendell August. I had it all planned out. I was going to be ordering some ornaments to give as gifts. I had my order planned even before I was sent my order form. The ornaments I picked out were beautiful. Once I received my email to order, I went to get the item numbers of the products that I wanted, and well….something else caught my attention.

PhotoGrid_1449766569354I found a beautiful collection of jewelry. The Floriography Collection! In this collection there are necklaces ($25), earrings ($20) and bracelets ($20). I would have loved to get myself a full set, but I wanted to gift the necklaces. I am placing more of this collection on my Christmas list.

What is the Floriography Collection? 
The Floriography Collection is based on the Victorian-era philosophy that every flower has a meaning and emotion attached to it. The tradition is a genuine means of PhotoGrid_1449765950311communication, where flowers act as an unspoken language, sometimes saying it better than words ever could. Today, The Jewelry Studio by Wendell August and Old Forge Pewter have crafted jewelry that pairs flowers with their meanings, making them a truly thoughtful gift with a heartfelt message.

I ordered three necklaces: Floriography – Rose Love Necklace, Floriography – Hydrangea Perseverance Necklace, Floriography – Sweet Pea Gratitude Necklace. You can see the necklaces here on the left. Aren’t they beautiful!! I absolutely love them. I wish I could capture the true beauty of these and I can’t wait to give them to their new owners. My hardest decision was trying to decide who should get which necklace. I now have it figured out and they are sitting wrapped under our Christmas Tree.


These aren’t just necklaces with flowers engraved on them. If you turn the charm around you will see that the name of the flower and what it means is engraved.


Each necklace has a chain length of 18″-20″. You can adjust it for the size that is right for you. The chain also has a little metal tag on it that says “Old Forge Pewter”These necklaces make the perfect gift and come in a little box ready for gift giving. The bottom of the box has the company name and logo stamped on the box…every elegant. The top of the box is a clear plastic that allows you to see that is inside.

I am very happy with the necklaces that I ordered and I can’t wait to place my next order. These are pretty awesome!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Wendell August and U.S. Family guide and I received FREE product for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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