Baby Bandana Bibs With Bonus Pacifier Clip & Bottle Strap

bandana-bibsI love shopping for new baby things. I’m always looking for adorable and unique things. I love finding things that I won’t find in the local store. Recently, I was sent some adorable baby bandana bibs! I have never seen these in the past. I LOVE them!! This pack includes four bandana bibs, a pacifier holder and a bottle strap.

The bibs are so adorable and came with a awesome designs. They are unisex, but when I look at them I see “boyish”, but that’s just me. They are so soft and are made with 100% cotton and backed with polyester. The bibs are adjustable with metal snaps (nickel-free) on the back. There are three snaps so you can adjust as the baby grows.

The pacifier holder and bottle strap are bonuses in the package. They are really nice to have.  The pacifier holder came in really cute design and securely hold the baby’s pacifier and allows you to clip it to the clothing. The bottle strap is very cute, but it is not holding a bottle very securely. It slips out. Maybe I’m not doing it tight enough…I’ll continue to try it out.

This pack is a great if you are expecting a new baby or if you are looking for a great baby shower gift. You can purchase it here on Amazon for under $20!!

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free or at a discounted price for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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