Automatic Dusk-to-Dawn LED Night Light

IMG_20160116_111629Nightlights! Our kids think they can’t sleep without nightlights. I do not light any light on when I sleep. Even the smallest little light bugs me and keeps me from falling asleep.

Both of our kids have nightlights in their room, my son has one that has a LED fish aquarium scene. It goes off when the sun comes up. I love that. But, he complains that it isn’t bright enough. My bonus daughter currently has a Frozen nightlight that stays lit all of the time, unless you unplug it. Now they both have new nightlights in their rooms!

20160117_190618These nightlights look like a vent. You can adjust it to get more or less light. There is no on/off switch. There is a photocell sensor that automatically turns on the light at dusk and off at dawn. The LED gives out a nice warm light. This nightlight is perfect for bedroom, bathrooms or even the hallway! I love that it looks great in any room…no matter what your decor looks like.

According to the package it only costs $0.25 a year to run one. That’s pretty cost effective. It should also last for 100,000 hours. The nightlight does not get hot when in use….that’s always a good feature.

20160117_190545      20160117_190556

Before sure to check here for more information on this nightlights or to make a purchase.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free or at a discounted price for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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