Digital Kitchen Timers from Kitchenen

20160127_082155I have NEVER owned a kitchen timer before and now I have two! I have no idea why I never bought one. I normally just use the timer on my microwave. The sound on my microwave doesn’t seem to be loud enough and I tend to not hear it at times. That is not good!

This set of digital kitchen timers are very nice. I love that the digits are large and easy to read. The bigger timer has a louder beep than the smaller timer. Both timers can be used to count up 20160127_082230(like a stopwatch) or down for a timer. Having two timers in the kitchen is great when you are timing more than one thing.

These timers can be mounted on your fridge with the magnets on the back of the timer, or they can stand on your counter. Either way….they work perfectly.

Not only do I use these in the kitchen, but I use them as a timer for when the kids are playing video games. We have rules about video game time because we think kids shouldn’t be stuck in front of a screen all day. We set the timer for them giving them a certain amount of “screen time” and that is all for the day. We expect that they turn off the screen when the timer goes off. If it’s a non-school day (no school the next day) we normally give them more time than a school day. It works out great for us.

I love this set of timers and you will too. You can purchase a set here.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free or at a discounted price for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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