Color-Changing Essential Oil Mist Diffuser

20160209_143448 I have wanted one of these essential oil mist diffusers for a while now and I finally have one. I love using it with my lavender essential oil. I would love to try some other oils as well.

This is a great product. It is a great way to add moist to your home or office. It can help you get a peaceful night sleep….that’s why I use lavender. I add 3 drops of oil to the water and I’m good to go.  This diffuser has 7 changing colors….I provided pictures of my two favorite colors that it has. This would be great to use as a night light for your children. Diffusers make great gifts for any occasion.

The water tank holds 100 ml and you can use the little pitcher that is provided to get the right amount. There are buttons on the diffuser for the light and the mist. The diffuser does not run with batteries…it uses an outlet. It is very quiet when it is running….you may not even notice that it is on.

Let’s talk about the light and the mist. You press the “light” button to turn the light on. It will be coloring changing. If you press it again it will let you go through the colors and pick the one you want it to stay on. Hold the button down for 3 seconds and the light will go off. The “mist” button turns on the mist and it will mist for 30 seconds and go off for 30 seconds. If you press it again it will be a continuous mist. If you fill your tank up to 100 ml it was last 6 hours on the intermittent mode and 3 hours on continuous. I am so excited to have my aroma humidifier.

When ordering this diffuser you will receive the armona humidifier, power adapter, measuring cup and a manual. It is super easy to get started with it. The seller provides a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12 month replacement warranty. Want to place an order? Just head to Amazon….you can place your order here.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free or at a discounted price for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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