Greeting Cards from MixBook

2I love greeting cards. I use them pretty often. I love buying greeting cards. I often find myself at Michael’s in the “dollar section” looking for them…they always have some. I’ve never purchased greeting cards from an online store before now.

Mixbook offers calendars, photo books, prints, canvas prints and cards! They have cards that are pre-designed. I took one of theose pre-designed cards and edited it. I added a different background and added an embellishment. I took away everything else from the pre-designed card.  There is a section where you can edit a card and there are so many option of what you can add to your cards. I had fun looking through everything and making myself a card that I love.

I love how simple my cards are. There is nothing written on the inside of them. The inside is where I’ll be writing my messages to friends and family. Some people actually prefer snail mail than e-mail. I can’t wait to send out my first message with my new greeting cards.

I received a $25 credit from Mixbook for my review. I was able to order 19 greeting cards (with envelopes) and pay for the shipping with my credit. I love my cards. They are very nice. They arrived unfolded, but had a score where they needed to be folded at. These cards are high quality and I would definitely purchase more from Mixbook in the future.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for MixBook and U.S. Family guide and I received a $25 credit for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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