Under the Sea Holy Bible, NIrV

_240_360_Book.1858.coverI love reviewing Bibles. I love being able to bless a child with a new Bible. When I saw the cover of this Bible, I just knew that it would be perfect for a kid that loves sea animals. When it arrived, I was a bit disappointed.  Although, I’m not highly satisfied with this bible….it will still go to a child you needs their very own Bible.

According to the publisher, this bible is for kids aged 6-12, but after looking through it, I think it would be good for the upper part of that age group. The font is small and just seems that it wouldn’t be good for a 6 year old.

The cover is a hardcover and is bright and very colorful…it would draw the attention to any child. But, once you open it up the only “under the sea” theme you see is on 4 pages throughout the whole bible. I thought there would be more color throughout. The colored pages are:

  • Presentation Page and on the back you will find shelf with the books of the bible
  • “Prayer Is” on front and “Lord’s Prayer” on back
  • “Ten Commandments” on front and “Love Passages” on back
  • “Famous Children of the Bible” on front and “ABCs of Becoming a Christian” on back

The bible has no red text, a small dictionary and a list of “Great Bible Stories.

Overall….it is a good Bible, but if you are looking for something with more of an “under the sea” theme, you may want to find a different one. This Bible can be purchased on Amazon here.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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