You + Me

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You-&-me-GiftI am so excited about all of these gifts…..and I can’t wait until our Marriage Retreat. The products in this post did not come in a set, but they do go together, expect for one. I did see on the DaySpring website that some of these products can be purchased for one price AND there are other products that go with the collection. 🙂

You + Me – 32 Love Notes Set–This love note set is awesome! I want one for myself. Browse through the notes and when you find the one you want, just tear it out and leave is somewhere for your spouse. These would be great for when I’m packing my husband’s lunch. One the back of each note is a space for you add a personal note.  The set includes 32 notes. One example from the set is: I can’t imagine my life without you.

You + Me – Coupon Book–This book includes ways for us to bless our spouse. The book should be kept in a location where both you and your spouse can access it. There are 32 coupons in the book. One of the coupons in the books says: What is the most helpful thing I can do for you today? I’ll gladly do it.

You + Me – Sticky Prayers–These are awesome! These allow you to “stick” a quick prayer or encouraging message anywhere. Place it in your spouse’s favorite book or in their lunch.  The tri-fold packaging include 3 packs of unique sticky notes. Each sticky note pad has 50 sheets and each pad has a different design. Example sticky notes include: Praying for you + me; Dear God…; and I prayed for you!

You + Me – Correspondence Cards–These are perfect for writing notes of appreciation, affirmation and love to your spouse. These correspondence cards are flat…they do not fold. They come with coordinating envelopes. You can send them by mail or place it where your spouse will see it. It will be meaningful either way. All of the envelopes are 1 design. There are 5 different designs for the cards and 10 of each design for a total of 50 cards:

Message on the cards:

  • You’re the apple to my pie.
  • You are precious to Me and honored, and I love you. Isaiah 43:4
  • I have not stopped giving thanks for you. Ephesians 1:16
  • I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine. Song of Solomon 6:3
  • you + me

With You Always – Bamboo Cross–This cross isn’t a part of the You + Me collection, but we decided to put it in with the set. It’s a reminder that God is with you. He cares about you. He’s never going to let you go. Just hold the cross when you need to be encouraged. Hold it when you need to pause for a moment to pray. Hold it when you need a reminder to cling to what’s true in the middle of a rough day.

Hold This Cross in Your Hands

Whenever You Need to Remember

God is Holding you in His.

I love this wonderful set of gifts and I have enough to make 2 great gifts out of it! If you are looking for some great gifts be sure toshop the DaySpring Online Store!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. This is a sponsored post for DaySpring. I am not required to write a positive review about these products, but all opinions are 100% my own.


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