Bouquets & Boutonnieres For Upcoming Vow Renewal!

About 8 weeks ago, we decided to do a Bible Study with a new couple from our Church. They had just moved here from Illinois at the end of December, and we quickly bonded and have become good friends. We ordered Fireproof Your Marriage Bible Study and for the past 6 weeks we have gone through it with our new friends.

One of the challenges during the study was to re-new your vows. My husband and I had already talked about wanting to re-new our vows and our new friends had mentioned wanting to re-new their vows. This challenge was the perfect opportunity for us to go ahead with our renewal of our vows. I started planning…..

The date has been set, new rings have been purchased, photographer has been booked, cake has been decided and being made by a fellow Deacon Wife, decorating will be done by our Pastor’s wife, my attire has been purchased, the invitations were mailed out yesterday and the flowers are DONE!

Earlier this week, I went to Michael’s and purchased the flowers that I needed to make our bouquets and boutonnieres. I has some issues 12472351_587030311462365_291886744793525096_ntrying to decide on what to get, but I finally decided and an hour later I left Michael’s with some beautiful choices.

The cream peony was purchased for my bouquet and the red rose was purchased for my friend’s bouquet. The pink roses and daisies were purchased as fillers and to use for the guys boutonnieres.

Even though both couples are doing the vow renewal together, we wanted to be different but still look great together…..I think I did good.

I had so much fun making everything!! I think our color choices are perfect for Spring and they will look great with what we will be wearing. I love how they all turned out and I can’t wait for the day of our vow renewal!

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