Pocket Prayers from Max Lucado

CS-SB-27cI love these little books by Max Lucado!…and I’m sure you will too. There are hardcover and are full of prayers. I love it.

My husband and I recently finished a bible study with another couple from our Church. We gave the books for moms and dads to that couple as a gift.

I have the book for teachers put away for my son to give to his teacher next month. I can’t think of anyone that I know that is graduating this year, but the book for graduates will come in very handy for a graduate.

The other books are put away for when I need them. I can see myself purchasing more of these books to give as gifts as we need them.

These little books make great gifts….here are some dates to keep in mind:

  • Mother’s Day–May 8th
  • Memorial Day–May 30th
  • Father’s Day–June 19th
  • Teachers–first week in May is National Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Teachers–first Tuesday in May is MTA day
  • Graduation–normally the end of May or beginning of June
  • Friends–June 8th is Best Friend Day
  • Friends–July 30th is International Day of Friendship

Max Lucado wrote the books for moms and grads with his daughter Andrea Lucado. He wrote the books for dads and military life with Mark Mynheir. The book for teachers was written by Lucado and blogger Jennifer Hale. Lucado wrote the book about freinds with Betsy St. Amant.

The prayer series are for those in need of peace, renewal, rest, faith, hope, joy, direction, serenity and courage. The short, simple prayers are very effective. These books contain forty guided prayers and complementary scriptures for any situation.

Purchase your copies: http://amzn.to/1VgCJqv

40 prayers could change your life, no matter what situation you’re in. Enter to win Max Lucado’s new series!


Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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