19″ Cotton Canvas Duffle Bag

20160420_080907-[346937]Just a couple weeks ago, I mentioned (to my husband) wanting to get our son an overnight bag for when he sleeps over at a friends house or a family members house. He had been just using a plastic bag for his stuff when he was gone overnight. A couple days after mentioning it to my husband I saw this duffle bag up for review. I thought it would be perfect for our son.

The 19″ cotton canvas duffle bag arrived a few days ago and I am very pleased with it. The material is very thick and I know that it will last for a long time. It is very well made. It’s black with white straps. The shoulder drip is about 12.6″. The bag itself measures about 19″ long, 10″ wide, and 10″ high. The duffle bag is gender neutral and anyone can use it.

20160420_080818-[346938]20160420_081031-[346936]The inside of the bag is polyester and has red and white stripes. The bag has no pockets on the inside or outside. It’s perfect for what we need it for. Although, the bag is plain you can “dress” it up for your liking. Add patches, have it embroidered, or just put some fun designs on it with paint. The possibilities are endless. I had a soccer patch that I added to it for my son.

This is a very durable duffle bag and it will get used a lot. It’s the perfect size for my son and I am very pleased with it. You can purchased one yourself on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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