Doodletopia: Manga by Christopher Hart

Doodle, draw, sketch, and color your way to the fun-filled land of Doodletopia!

9781607746935When I saw that “Doodletopia:Manga” was up for review….I knew that my bonus daughter (12 years old…soon to be 13) would LOVE to have it. I requested it for her. It arrived yesterday and she loves it. Right now…she is sitting and drawing and coloring and have fun with her new book.

I myself have an issue with one subject in the book. While she was playing a video game, I took that time to look through it for myself. I flipped through the pages, just to get an idea of what was included. I thought it had a lot of great tips and drawings. As I was flipping through the end of the book I was a highly disappointed! There is a page titled “My Mean Stepmother“, and there is a drawing of a mom yelling and pointing at the child and a child sitting on the floor crying. I have shared the image on Facebook and both moms and stepmoms are seeing the same issue as me. Why would you want to portray stepmothers as being mean? I don’t care if it’s just a drawing….it should NOT be in this book. My husband, MIL and several facebook friends see the issue with the page.

This book now has pages missing, because we got rid of the pages that we don’t think should have been included. We did not stop her from using the book. She loves it…why take it away?

On the other hand….the book does have a lot to offer. There are pages where you can complete the characters. You have to use your imagination. There are pages where you are encourage to draw complete characters, using guidelines. You don’t just draw people….it shows you do to draw chibi animals and objects. You can complete (draw) a maze. There are even bookmarks to draw on and use.

I would have given this book a better review/rating if that subject was not included in the book. I will keep a closer eye on books from Christopher Hart that we bring into our home.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


5 thoughts on “Doodletopia: Manga by Christopher Hart

  1. Step kids (especially young ones) don’t need the idea that all step parents are bad. Adjusting is hard for everybody, but this kind of gives the idea that step parents are supposed to be mean, and that’s not okay. It’s unfortunate that this is in the book, as it sounds like the rest was very instructional. I’ll keep my eye out for this, and others, by this author, and will be very reluctant to purchase them. If others contain pages that shed a negative light on others, I might just have to find other instructional books.

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  2. As a step mom myself, I find this offensive. Not all step mothers are mean. The majority of step mothers take on a huge responsibility of loving and caring for a child that they did not physically give birth too. My step son absolutely loves me, more than his real mother, and if he had seen this page in this book, he would be offended as well. That was really a shady move on the author of this book to stereotype a step mother like this. Thanks for the heads up so that I dont buy anything that this author has published!

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  3. I’m glad that for the most part this is a great book. However, it is very sad that they chose to portray stepmothers in such a way. Being a mom is a lot of work and being a stepmother is also a lot of work! It requires walking a pretty thin fence and knowing how to best meet the needs of her stepchildren. We should be encouraging kids to see the sacrifices and work put in my stepmothers rather than tearing them down and making fun.

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  4. I can’t believe that they would include this kind of subject matter. I know that I would have torn pages out as well and to me that is just throwing away money. When I saw this when you had posted it I wanted to know where you got it because my girls love this stuff! I guess my search for another book marches on!


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