BIC XTRA-Fun #2 Pencils with Stripes & BIC Velocity® Mechanical Pencils

20160719_190906BIC is making back-to-school fun this year! They have some super awesome pencils out this year that are sure to get the kids excited about writing. No need for those boring yellow pencils anymore!

When I’m out school supply shopping the first thing I look for is #2 pencils. Teachers are always requesting #2 pencils. My son doesn’t like to use those boring yellow pencils. He wants something fun, but we tend to have a problem finding something fun. The fun pencils sometimes are hard to sharpen and have a plastic like coating on this which makes sharpening hard. Some pencils have horrible erasers.

I was super excited when I received an email to review the BIC XTRA-20160719_191002Fun #2 Pencils with Stripes. When I received my package of pencils my son was excited to see that there were stripes on them and that the wood had color! These pencils are the only #2 pencils with two-toned color barrels and stripes. Our kids will love these pencils and be able to express their creative self. Each pack of pencils come with eight color combinations. Your child can pick a different color pencil for each day depending on their mood. So much fun!!

Our new pencils are so easy to sharpen and the lead does not break easily! One of my favorite parts of these pencils are the eraser! The eraser does not leave a messy residue behind. This will be awesome for my son during math. A lot of times, he math work is so messy because of the horrible erasers that come on some pencils.


What’s better than a fun #2 pencil? Mechanical pencils!! BIC Velocity offers one of the smoothest and darkest leads versus other BIC mechanical pencils. The lead is even #2 so you won’t have any issues using them for 20160722_184649standardized testing. These mechanical pencils come in vibrant colors and allow your kids to express their cool and creative self. They have a soft rubber gift which is so comfortable. The lead is strong  and the eraser works awesome and leaves every minimal residue behind.

Our kids were so excited when these arrived. They couldn’t wait to open a pack and start trying them out. They used them in their sketch books of course.

I know what pencils will be on our shopping list this year!

Disclaimer: I was able to try these pencils out for FREE thanks to BIC through the BzzAgent program. All opinions are 100% my own.


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