Get Ready To Head Back To School With These Supplies From Sanford! #shopletreviews


Look what arrived just in time….I’ll be school supply shopping very soon. I can scratch a couple things off my list now!  Shoplet and Sanford were very generous and sent me four different products to review.

Have you heard of Shoplet? It  is the #1 e-tailer of business and office supplies. You can find an assortment of office suppliescleaning supplies, office furnituremedical supplies, office furniture and everything in between on their website.

My generous package included PaperMate Pens, PaperMate Mechanical Pencils, PaperMate Correction Tape and Sharpie Markers!


Sharpie Markers! My husband has a thing for Sharpies. He saw these and thought they were for him. Not this time! These sharpies are for me….well most of them. I did let him have the orange and blue one. The other three colors are for me…I’m using them in my planner that I purchased. I get to doodle and color it in. The pack came with five (5) electro pop colors: Ultra Violet, Nano Blue, Electric Pink, Techno Blue and Optic Orange. I love the fine tip that all of the markers have. I can use them to write OR to color with. They are pretty awesome.


PaperMate Correction TapeCorrection tape is something that I always need but forget to purchase. I could save many envelopes by having correction tape in our home at all times. I recently bought a new planner and I have to fill in the dates and all of appointments and such. I have been using the correction tape in my planner. One problem I have is that Saturday and Sunday or right under each other. I’m not used to that so I have been getting the dates wrong. Skipping dates on Sunday mostly. I love being able to fix the dates without have scratch outs. The correction tape is easy to use and I am able to write over it without waiting for it to dry.


PaperMate Mechanical PencilsI do love using mechanical pencils….but these aren’t for me. I like using a thinner lead, but these are currently being used by the kids. My son needs a thicker lead because he tends to push down hard when he writes….not sure why, but he does. I think that a thicker lead will prevent him from breaking the points so often. This pack came with five (5) mechanical pencils with a point of 1.3mm. No extra lead came in the pack, but if my son uses these enough, I’m willing to buy more lead. I like how the erasers don’t leave any marks on the paper.


PaperMate PensI LOVE colored pens! I have so many of them though. My husband snagged this set to use at work. This set comes with eight (8) pens. Each pen has a medium point (my favorite is fine, but medium would be my next option). These pens are comfortable to hold in your hand and write. Colored pens are great for keeping appointments for different people color coded. I also love using colored pens to write my shopping list. I like to put my list in categories!

Are any of these on your shopping list this year for Back-to-School? Be sure to check out Shoplet to order these supplies plus so much more.

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Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free or at a discounted price for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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