With All Due Respect

40 Days To A More Fulfilling Relationship With Your Teens & Tweens


Having a good relationship with our kids is important. As they get older….it gets tougher. I have a 10 year old son and life with him is always a challenge. We was recently diagnosed with ASD and Persistent Depression. I have always known that something was different about him and we finally found someone that agreed with me and thought he should be evaluated. I also have a bonus daughter will be will be 13 in just about 2 months. Each of the kids are a challenge on their own and when they are together there is a lot of arguing…and a lot of “she did”, “he did”. I am also around tweens and teens often at Church….not only do I seem them there, but they often call and text us. Sometimes (well often) they are a challenge. I think that this book is great for us to read not only to help us out with our kids, but also our Church “kids”.

We always want to be there for our kids and well….sometimes that is hard. This book can lead us (and you) in the right direction. This isn’t really a parenting book. It is more like a “how-to” book.

The book starts off with: What You Need To Know Before You Get Stated. This section has a letter of each of the authors of the book. You will then find a chapter on: Expectations. The book consists of 40 dares. Each dare starts with scripture, has a story, bottom line, What About You?, and a prayer.

With All Due Respect is a handbook for parents navigating the difficulties of the tween and teen years. Roesner and Hitchcock help parents identify what successful relationships look like and give easy-to-follow lessons in enforcing rules, communicating lovingly, resetting relationships, overcoming fears and exhaustion, and handling rebellion. Each day features a story every mom can relate to, down-to-earth questions to think about, and a prayer to launch an action plan. As a result, the reader gains new skills and perspective, greater strength, and an ability to live out faith daily as never before. With All Due Respect is for all parents seeking not only to connect more deeply with and positively impact their teens and tweens, but also to grow more deeply in faith through the process.

I really love this book and I think all parents should own a copy of it. You can purchase a copy for yourself here.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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