Spiderman Mask 3D Deco Light

20161205_103937My son loves super heros. In his bedroom, his as the Hulk, Ironman and Captain America mask on his wall. He has a Spiderman light switch plate. I thought it would be great to add a Spiderman Mask to his wall….but not just a mask….a nightlight.

My son is 10 years old. He loves having a nightlight in his room….not because he is scared of the dark, but because it is like a security item.

This 3DLightFX is awesome! It is actually a 3D nightlight that you put on the wall and it looks like Spiderman is coming through the wall….head first. To get the effect of him going through the wall, you nee to apply the cracked wall sticker.

The Spiderman mask does have a switch that allows you to turn it on/off. The mask is battery powered and it requires 3AA batteries. Be sure to turn it off each morning to make sure your batteries can last longer.

This nightlight is bigger than I expected! It is the size of a regular mask. The mask is cool to the touch (LED lights), battery powered and no cord! Perfect for a child’s bedroom.

You can find this 3DLightFX and more at Target and Target.com!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for 3DLightFX and U.S. Family guide and I received a FREE 3D Deco Light for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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