Decorating With Crab Pot Trees

20161221_113305I recently received a Crab Pot Tree to review, and I really couldn’t be happier with it. Well, I may be happier if I were able to put it outside, but maybe next year. 🙂 Living the apartment life, you are limited to what you can do. I could put it up outside, but I don’t have an outlet out there that would allow me to light up my tree. I really don’t want cord’s running all over and through windows!

Anyways, I was so excited when my Crab Pot Tree finally arrived! I immediately opened it up and it was so easy to put up! All you have to do is take it out of the box, undo the white twisty ties that hold the tree folded flat, fan the tree out until the two ends meet and then use the green twisty ties to attach the two sides together! Easy Peasy!

Crab Pot Trees are perfectly shaped tress that are pre-lit and they fold flat for storage. My tree came with clear lights. Crab Pot Trees are made of very durable PVC coated Crab Pot Wire. This wire is made to withstand all that Mother Nature throws at it. I received a 3 foot tree to review, but you can purchase them up to 8 feet tall!

I decided to put mine in our dining area next to the window! I think it looks great! I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a hit when all of the family are here on Christmas Eve.

My Readers $ave 30% Off Crab Pot Christmas Trees that fold flat & sparkle from every angle! Code:USFG16

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Crabpot Trees and U.S. Family guide and I received a FREE 3′ Crab Pot Lighted Christmas Tree for a review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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