Pumpkin Loves Her Pet Gift Box

20161220_171322Meet Pumpkin!

My son was officially diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) this past July. It has taken a while for us to get a diagnosis because he is so high functioning. His therapist suggested that we get him an animal for emotional support, because he also suffers from SAD (social anxiety disorder) and PDD (persistant depression disorder).

We visiting our local animal shelter the first week of November in search of our 1st puppy. They didn’t have any puppies, but after talking with the volunteers at the shelter we found a dog that was perfect for our son!

We walked through and checked out all of the dogs available for adoption, but didn’t find any that were a fit for him. I talked with one of the volunteers and told her why we were looking for a dog and she said, “I think Pumpkin will be a great match”. Pumpkin wasn’t ready to be adopted just yet, but she was available for an adoption hold. We were brought to visit with her and our son loved her immediately! She was the only dog that never barked at us. She came to the fence looking for some love. We were able to take her out and play with her for a while to see  how she would interact with our family. She was great. We put a hold on her and 3 days later she was available to be adopted.

I’m not a dog person, but I must admit….Pumpkin is amazing and she grew on me quickly! She is a very good dog. She is a bluetick hound dog and the vet thinks she is about 3 years old. She very rarely barks and is house trained. We only hear her howl when my son plays his recorder (she loves singing along).

Now that I have introduced you to Pumpkin…let me tell you have the Pet Get Box. Around the time that we were adopting Pumpkin, I had received an email to review a subscription box from PetGiftBox.com. It was perfect timing.

Our 1st PetGiftBox arrived on Christmas Eve and we opened the box right away! When I opened the box, the first thing I saw was a note that says that for every DOGforDOG product purchased, product is donated to local animal shelters. I think that is amazing!


I moved the tissue paper away and then we found all of Pumpkin’s goodies! She enjoyed sniffing around and seeing what was inside. We received:


Pumpkin loves everything that was included in the box and well….the red plush dog was her favorite. She loved it so much that she tore it apart within 24 hours. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it before we had to throw it out. All of the plush was out. The legs were ripped off and well….there was just nothing left to it. She really enjoyed it.


I would highly recommend the PetGiftBox to everyone with a dog or a cat. I even have a special discount for my readers!

Get 50% off your 1st PetGiftBox! – Use code HOLIDAYPET at checkout!

All pets deserve a gift this Holiday Season. Treat your pet or surprise your friends and family with a PetGiftBox! Filled with only the best quality treats, toys and other fun goodies your pets will be beggin’ for more! https://petgiftbox.com/holidaypet/

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Pet Gift Box and U.S. Family guide and I will received one FREE Pet Gift Box for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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