#townleygirl Frozen Glitter Shaker Brush & Spa Kit


“Don’t let them in, don’t let them see; Be the good girl you always have to be; Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know; Well, now they know! Let it go, let it go; Can’t hold it back anymore; Let it go, let it go; Turn away and slam the door!”

I am a huge of fan of Disney movies! I have a shelf full of Disney movies! My son is always asking me why I buy all of these princess movies….he says that I’m “too old” for them. Well, he is wrong! You are never too old to love the princesses!

I remember when “Frozen” came out. I was so excited! I have watched the DVD countless times. My hubby and son secretly love watching it too.

Anyways! I have another #townleygirl review for you today. Actually, it’s two separate “Frozen” products. Check them out below!

img_20170114_223000Frozen Glitter Frozen Brush

This is a very unique brush and the perfect gift for her. Every princess needs a brush fit for a princess. This Frozen-themed brush has a globe shape on the back of it. It is filled with star shaped glitter. When you shake the brush the “glitter” moves around. This brush will be a hit and she will love brushing her hair with it.

Just pair this brush up with my next product and you will make that little lady so excited!

Frozen My Beauty Spa Kit

Girls love pampering themselves (well, I do!). Little girls love being able to pamper themselves just like their mommies. Now they 20170114_222624can have their own spa kit! This kit includes everything they need to pamper themselves! The package includes four beautiful polishes, nail files, toe separators, and even a pair of flip flips! One flip flop features Anna and the other features Elsa! Oh…and the polishes are bubble gum scented (how cool is that!).

I love that all of the items in the package are Frozen-themed….from the characters on each bottle to the snowflakes on the toe separators.

One of my nieces back in Lousiana are gonna LOVE this set! I can’t wait to ship out their package!

Here are the products up close:

img_20170114_222305 img_20170114_222523

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I’ll have another #townleygirl review for you next Saturday.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products for free or at a discounted price for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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